There have been cases of vehicles and Boda Bodas running into students at Stage Area. Motorists and students on foot compete for routes around the place. The place in question is however known as being non-part of Moi University. The place however still remains a basic server of students’ needs.
Three weeks ago, a Kangaroo ran into a female student who had just done her shopping rom Reliance Supermarket. This was in the morning hours just outside Talai Center’s Gate. The injured student ended up seeing her commodities being left in uncollectable situation. The driver pretended to care and parked the vehicle by the roadside before sneaking away. The slightly injured student was nursed at the university clinic before being discharged after a short while.  Police officers who were later informed came in the evening and drove the van away.

On Saturday of 22nd April, a boda boda knocked down a second year student, leaving her with serious injuries. The critically injured student was taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH). This occurred minutes after Chelsea vs. Tottenham match as many students were coming from the various halls. The injured student however declined to record a statement to criminalize the rider and wanted the case to remain secretive. 

Initially, the passenger motorists had been barred from transacting business along the university routes. This saw smooth movement within the institution. The only setback was that thse students who generally relied on them were seen to be greatly affected. Today, the motorist, especially the motorbikes, are to some extent allowed to access some of the routes. They have however been seen to misuse the privilege by attempting to move at Safari Rally speeds.

It is undisputable that most land covered by these motorists is community land. With the same degree, the fact that the place has a great value to the students should be appreciated.  When banning, shopping activities in the academic area, no one imagined that that might affect the road users in any way.

There can be a way that  will ensure the students and the motorists within the institution freely move without posing any danger to the other user.

Lazarus O. Nadebu





By Dominic Wanjiru

Bottom line: The youths of today are idling in hordes, teeth busy on green foliage as if in a competition with goats

There is nothing that beats the interlude of shallowness in ignorance. We continue to wallow in the ignorance of the real issues facing us.

Drug and substance abuse is a crucial topic that if not addressed, will lead to our destruction. Any Kenyan of goodwill is right to question where the rain started beating us. What is happening to our society today?

The youths of today are idling in hordes in various centers, teeth busy on green foliage as if in a competition with goats. It has become an eyesore.

Writing on this infamous topic often draws ire from the group. They will question the moral ground, on which you stand, the effects their actions has on you.

However, like most Kenyans, we are enraged to see many evolve to zombies courtesy of alcohol. It’s a society where wannabe’s, ne’er do well and riffraffs flourish in the total glare of the risk therein.

Are we doing enough to counter the abuse of these drugs? No. Our best is yet to peak. At a recent leadership forum sponsored by Equity group foundation, I had a sneak peek into the lives of addicts. A majority of drugs affects the five senses of the user leaving them sub-human.

It all starts with the excitement phase, intoxication, tolerance, dependency and finally addiction. Clawing their way into the bodies of the victims, the drugs will not stop at anything less of health problems, infertility, insanity, economic problems and in extreme cases, suicide.

I am persuaded drugs came to do us more harm than good. We are rendered useless. What I see nowadays are tall, emotionally unstable babies hiding their empty souls in flashy Mitumba apparel. It sickens to see dreams of being a surgeon stream to being a nurse before stopping at being a patient of life. The future of our continent is slowly washed away.


Around us we have seen careers lost, families broken, finances dwindling due to overindulgence in drugs. From minding what people think of us, we let the negative comments that ensue pin us to the floor. We become statistics for NGOs milking money from donors across the globe.

How I wish we realized in life lies a fortune, the chance to own all we want, the worth funding counties and countries. All that stands between us and the opportunities is the decision to change, a life void of substance abuse.

Negative influence will be thrown your way; you shouldn’t let it hold you hostage. Ensure to get distracted by your own positivism. One way to cancel out the noise in your life is to question what you will do if no one ever judged.

At the end of a drug free society lays the aspirations of our country. Such iconic blueprints as Vision 2030 will become a reality.

The writer is a Tours and Travel Management Student at Moi University, Eldoret town campus.


By Eugene Kabasa
Bottom line: You live in Zion, she lives in Gomorrah
She might be imperfect in many ways, but to you she is perfect.
“’Do you really like her? Do you find it comfortable holding hands with her in public?” He asked his fellow who was seemingly put off by the topic. He asked again. The guy had to reply. “Why not? She is my wife” Everybody in the matatu had to turn their heads to steal a glance.

“She is just good, she forgets herself at times when she is high. She needs to smoke and party and do all those kind of weird things. She is spoilt but still means everything to me.”
It took me aback how this man proudly defended her ‘spoilt’ wife in the face of everyone. It later hit me that the guy was a pastor at a suburb church. His attitude was rare to come by.

Dear men, you could be spending half of your day flipping through the Bible pages but for her a puff or two every two hours will do. When you tune into Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer to get spiritually uplifted she sinks he earphones deep and shifts between trending dancehall hit and this cool jam by chain-smokers. You live in Zion, she lives in Gomorrah. This, to you, is not a reason to terminate your marriage.

Often, people will say that two different personalities cannot create a great couple. However recent research shows that out of ten such marriages only two collapse. The difference in personality could be so big, the rift too wide. It takes submission and understanding from both parties in order to beat all the odds.

Zac is one guy who has been in marriage for with a lady he describes as a ‘bad girl’. He dated her for a year before deciding to move in together. His face exudes happiness and satisfaction. The dream of any guy in a marriage.incompartible

“During our entire dating period I knew what she was. She could get drunk, throw parties and have fun, that was her. Nobody could believe my decision to marry her, even my own parents. Its seven years since we tied the knots and we have been happy all through.”

My single brothers in outlook for this lady who shares in your every trait, you are waiting for goddott. The earlier you can dance to this conventional tune the better.
Remember, whenever you say you love her you mean you are ready to take every imperfection. Until you can update your own character to perfection you should not demand perfection from your partner.

The writer is a first year journalism student


Bottomline: Her father could not stop looking at her, staring at her well-endowed assets

By Edith Omondi
The deep red cuts reminded her of the awful incident, not forgetting the dark, dusty room where the ordeal took place. Charity feared walking again in the room, she spent most of her time in the room looking at her in the cracked mirror, crying, cursing herself over and over.
The weak, old, rectangular bed again reminded her of what her beloved did to her .Every single step that happened kept reverberating in her destroyed mind

“Prr! “She started recalling, that was a phone call from her dearest dad. “Hi charity , kindly bring for me the warm leather jacket in the sitting room”

She quickly took what she was sent not forgetting that she wore a black skirt exposing her brown, smooth, sexy thighs out. A top that left her attractive, “here dad”, she handed over the leather jacket to her beloved dad.


Her father could not stop looking at her, staring at her well-endowed assets .When she turned back heading to her room , he stared at her, admiring her figure .

“you have grown beautiful my daughter come please; you have smooth, brown thighs and sexy body”. He commented.

Surprisingly he was tempted to lay his hands gracefully across his daughter’s chest; “come close my daughter, “the dad insisted. Charity tried to run but the last thing she felt was a heavy slap that landed her on the floor. Her father could not overcome the temptation and continued abusing her daughter sexually.

“Mum, dad raped me”, she told her mam the shocking news.

The blank stare, the pain and loss that she felt could be seen in her eyes .Her mother did not believe that her husband could do such a thing. Her mother decided to go to the hospital to confirm the shocking ordeal, before asking her irresponsible husband.

“Your daughter is two weeks pregnant, diagnosed with syphilis in her body system, “said the doctor.

Confused! She did not believe what the doctor told her. “Does that mean that I also have the disease?” she asked. ”Yes madam you are infected” He confirmed. Unfortunately, both the mum and daughter were pregnant from the same man who happened to be her father

The Writer is a First year Public Relations Student.


By Oluoch Bendaftone

Bottomline: This is the game that laid a strong foundation for the now vibrant team, Team Mafisi.

I wonder what comes to your mind when you think of Eastlands. I guess not some leafy estates with well-trimmed hedges and clean spacious parking lot.

Growing up in Huruma; H-town as it is commonly referred to by the locals was not easy but the experience I had with my age mates made life super easy. Nothing was more fun than meeting up with your buddies till odd hours of the night with no fear of being abducted like it is common in the leafy suburbs.


children playing bano


Swimming AKA Dufo Mpararo

I recall when we had to collect and sell used timbers for a packet of chips. Who in the so called posh estates would come up with these sizzling business ideas at such a tender age? Who from Eastlands can fail to remember how they could go round the estate collecting scrap metals and used beverage bottles so as to get some coins to watch ‘COMANDO’ or ‘CHUCK NORRIS’ in the video dens within the estates?

If you never engaged in the silly estate brawls, then you were not serious about growing up. They would start in some muddy pool, dufo mpararo just because someone used your oil, and would go on to the dusty football grounds. They only ended when you got tired or someone was seriously injured

Kalongolongo was that one game nobody wanted to miss, some of us got to have our first boyfriends and girlfriends. This is the game that laid a strong foundation for the now vibrant team, Team Mafisi. In those days, they would turn down the role of the watchman or the most dreaded one that of the dog and they would pose for the uncle position who only visited after the father had gone to work

Before pizza and hot dogs, there was one phenomenon that was only found on the eastern part of the capital before it was exported to other parts of the country. A mutura outing was the only time when your parents would not patronise you for ‘loitering’. It was the only kebab you could get a piece for a shilling.

If you never played bano, then you are not an authentic Eastlander. If you never had a toss-full of bano then you are an amateur of the game .The whole process of playing bano still fascinates me, from kuchimba pill to bonyox not forgetting cracky no payie.

Interestingly the marbles had been name. I remember milky and spider that only the rich kids of eastlands could afford. Let me not even talk of cracky no pay, these are words all Eastlanders are familiar to.

Forgetting to write how we rode mfara will be an abomination. s
In the long run, we all learnt some surviving skills in the name of playing. Let us observe a minute of silence as a sign of respect to our roots.

The writer is a first year Public Relations student