Bottomline: On her worst day, Emily makes as little as nine hundred shilling and when her day goes well she makes as much as four thousands shillings.

By Ramadhan O Sigomba
Some decisions in life might seem awe-inspiring if you don’t look at things from different angles. Indeed, sometimes looks might be deceiving. Meet the lady who chose to end her internship as a student teacher at Potters House Academy and plunge into vending sausages. Arguably, most will prefer a white collar job to a hustlers way of life but it is contrapositive for Emily, she wanted to make an omelet therefore she had to break the eggs.

Emily is an incoming fourth year student pursuing education in Moi University and barely in her early twenties, she is fighting hook and crook, tooth and nail to keep within means without relying on her guardians. Unlike other sausage vendors who wait for customers at their specific selling abode, Emily goes door to door in almost every hostel in campus to inquire from fellow students if they need a bite. In response on why she chose to embark on such an exhausting  daily grind yet she was a student, she said “I thought of something that would pay me better than the Sh. 12,000 I was getting as a student teacher at Potters House Academy and this (vending sausages) seemed to be an idea.” 

Her response was no better than a surprise to me. It is most people’s pleasure to work under a pleasant environment but Emily chose to endure the scorching heat when it’s sunny and extreme cold when it’s rainy in order to make ends meets. 30th March was the day when her internship contract reached to a borderline but she declined to carry on with teaching and embarked to her current business unlike others who could sit back and lie in wait for another white collar opportunity. 

Emily’s work day schedule is not a duck soup. All the way from Eldoret town, she alights Moi University main campus by ten o’clock in the morning. Commencing from hostel A and ending by hostel H, she knocks almost each door on every floor until the fourth floor of every hostel. What motivates her is that she sells at least two sausages after every five knocks. In order to make adequate savings, she does what she hates most; ‘pirating’ in one of her ‘friends’ room in hostel K intermittently. Mention not the challenges she faces in her pursuit for bread, from the rudeness she gets from fellow comrades to the mockery and teases she receives. “It is tiresome, some comrades are not friendly as I knock and they don’t open, some are rude but at the end of the day the harvest is worth it.”

On her worst day, Emily makes as little as nine hundred shilling and when her day goes well she makes as much as four thousands shillings. Wherefore, in a month she makes more than fifty thousand shillings which is more than enough for a student, not even HELB can loan such amount of money. Optimism is what makes her overcome the hurdles she encounters in her daily business since she firmly believes that determination knows no obstacle.  

Writer: Ramadhan Omar Sigomba

Email: omarramadhan163@gmail.com

Twitter: @RamadhanOmar17      


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