Bottom-line: They are cartels at the coast who are friends to the opposition
By Hussein Juma
The first consignment of maize arrived in the country on Friday 12th of May, 2017 from Mexico. This was to ease the skyrocketed prices of maize which had sent majority of Kenyans to look for alternative sources of food to replace Ugali, the staple food. The government had been forced to draft a supplementary budget bill which was debated, passed and assented by the President. 

Arrival of maize in the country in a track record of three days from Mexico has been marred with lots of doubts of foul play by Kenyans. Mexico however denied selling yellow maize to Kenyan Government at Ksh 10B days after the consignment docked at the port of Mombasa as 500, 000 metric tons goes missing in Brazil. The maize issue…

Several accusations have arisen because of the maize drama. National Assembly Agriculture committee has given President Uhuru Kenyatta an ultimatum up to Tuesday 16th to Sack Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett for the mismanagement of the docket he serves. The committee inquired to know whether the law had been followed while ordering for the importation of the maize. There were claims that the maize received by the government were cartel’s.

During an interview on a comedy show, The Wicked Edition by host Dr. King’ori, Embakasi South MP Ishrad Sumra blamed cartels in the Government for engineering the high prices of the commodities in the country. The MP however failed to mention the ones involved in the process because of professional issues though he proven to be sure that it was not a natural phenomenon. These sentiments however did not satisfy the desires of Kenyans who were eager to know the team engineers of their suffering. 

Devolution CS Mwangi Kiunjuri has launched an attack on the opposition for the high prices of commodities in the country. He criticizes them for using high prices in the country as a campaign tool. “Who imports maize and sugar in the country? They are cartels at the coast who are friends to the opposition. So they stop blackmailing the president because those cartels are responsible for controlling the prices “said CS. This however just tossed the blame on the other side of the alternative government yet the real perpetrators were not revealed. 

Hon Aisha Jumwa took it to her Facebook page and wrote “Aden Duale owns Hater Ltd that imports sugar from Somalia at KSh. 60 per Kg and sells it at 250 per kg, Ruto owns the Sighn Don Ltd maize processing company, he buys maize from farmers at KSh. 58 per 2kg and process it to sell it at 170 per 2kg and Uhuru Kenyatta and his family owns the Brookside milk processing company. They buy milk from farmers at KSh.16.50 per litre and sell it atKSh.150 per 20g.”  Maybe these are some new figures which just landed from Mars yesterday. Many Kenyans would wish to know where farmers sell maize at KSh.58 per 2Kg maybe they could flood the places. Truth or false, it’s held by her; and time will tell. 

There is need to have leaders who face the bull by its horns whenever a crisis erupts. It saves on time and to find a solution. It is not surprising that both fear and failure begin with letter ‘F’ and all words in fear are found in failure. This is how closely they are related.  

Writer Hussein Juma 

Email husseinchiaji@gmail.com


Twitter handle @husseinchiaji


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