Bottomline: From the current and previous defections of Kalonzo’s allies, it’s now evident that his political base is weakening day after the other. 
By Domenic G. Ntoogo

It is now barely two weeks since NASA unveiled its flag bearer with the lineup having little adjustments from the one in 2013. It was an exercise that saw Raila Odinga announced flag bearer and deputized by Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. However, after Kalonzo was awarded the position, a number of woes and misfortunes have marred his bid of becoming the second most powerful man in the country.

It is approximately a year and half after the Kalonzo Musyoka foundation was put on spot over misappropriation of donor funds. Less than two weeks ago, the NASA co-principal led organization was dealt a big blow after the NGO coordination Board froze all its accounts. This was after an alleged misuse of Sh 146 million in donor funds. The board chair also ordered the dissolution of the board members until further notice. The board also claimed that the foundation has for long been giving false information about its financial status and annual reports, annual returns and audited accounts. This action has left Kalonzo in a tag of war with the Deputy President whom he has accused of having an upper hand his miseries.

Kalonzo has also faced a huge blow after two of his key allies resigned from his Wiper Democratic Movement. Kitui Senator David Musila, who was the WIPER chair, resigned from the party after losing in the nominations to the incumbent Dr. Julius Malombe for gubernatorial seat. The senator cited frustrations in the party, he accused the party leader for determining the results. Johnstone Muthama later resigned from the party for claiming there was lack of democracy. He complained of rigged nominations and consistent dictatorship by the party leader. Muthama accused Kalonzo of imposing leaders to the Kamba nation by giving direct tickets to aspirants and abandoning their opponents for his own reasons.

From the current and previous defections of Kalonzo’s allies, it’s now evident that his political base is weakening day after the other. Kalonzo has been left as a lone runner who has no one to hold him up. Questioning the value that Kalonzo adds to NASA, it might not be long. His impact to NASA can only be compared to that of Moses Wetangula. Kalonzo should therefore come to his senses and consolidate his support if at all winning in August for NASA is a thing to go by. He should rethink of the position given to him and respect the thoughts of his fellow co-principals failure to which winning for NASA will be a mystery.


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