Bottomline: It is upon us to realize that our thoughts are our greatest investment; something most of us have nary a clue of.

By Peggy Ochieng

Most of us have the tendency to fear raising our thoughts concerning issues that revolve around us. We consider our thoughts as being non-influential. We cage our thoughts for the fear of being judged and mocked. The fear tends to grow each and every day and in the process we may get into a series of depression. The fear tends to bar us from freely socializing with people. Hiding in the crowd becomes the order of the day for us. The limelight is our greatest foe at this moment.

As time flies, the fear in us builds up like an anthill and in the process making us lose focus on our goals. We are killing our own dreams. All that we desired to achieve has turned into trash. We walk heads down due to the guilt killing us.A guilt so fierce, intense and full of rage. A guilt strong enough to make us lose the grip.

It is upon us to realize that our thoughts are our greatest investment; something most of us have nary a clue of. The mind has it all. Positive thoughts; the strongest pillar that can ever exist in one’s life. It’s all about believing in ourselves. Being ready to speak up even when the whole world is throwing stones at us. Being ready to defend what we know and think is right. Being ready to fight battles, however much intense they are.

Enemies will always be there. Enemies of progress; ready to pin us to the ground.Despite their existence, we must realize that they are our greatest motivation in life. We work smart to disapprove our enemies. Our success, their greatest disappointment. We must be ready to rise above all odds and defend what we stand for. If you are not ready for this then you are probably one of the fellas hindering the world from moving forward. The choice is ours to make; raise your thoughts or forever keep mum. We should all realize that our thoughts can be our greatest pillar of strength; it is up to us to stay focused and bank on them.

Peggy Ochieng 

Email – ochiengpeggy9@gmail.com 

Facebook – Paige Marxey 

Twitter – @paige2541


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