Bottomline: Corruption begins the list as one of the inimical tragedies in the country. It’s absolute that we endorse and embrace it from birth. 

By Joseph Turuthi

Kenyans have been going through hardships and gigantic menace as if the country was colonized by ignorance and anti-repertoire groups. They suffer as if they are in the 5th world country. The worry is to know when we be revamping our ways of living.

Corruption begins the list as one of the inimical tragedies in the country. It’s absolute that we endorse and embrace it from birth. It’s clear that Kenyans bribe their children as a form of positive reinforcement. This begins at oral stage and the children grow in life bribery all through the corrupt education system into the corrupt employment field. When will we transform our surmise by repugning those politicians who buy us at Ksh 100 for 5 years? This 100/5yrs is equivalent to 20 shillings/year. How cheap are Kenyans? Whom should we blame for the sauropodal heterogeneous problem?

 In addition, it is true that tribalism is a mature viral disease whose window stage can’t be defined. Our voters elect their leaders in regards to their ethnocentric differences. We blindly elect our leaders without knowing that we are going to remain brats to them. The fallacious dealers lead us as they loot our resources. I have to repudiate the ignorant youths who elect their leaders before detecting and defining whether the dealing leaders would be looters as we become tools for looting. Let’s all use our repertoire to scold those leaders and repugn any atom of negative ethnicity in our country. My surmise can’t allow the garrulous leaders whose objective is to make Kenya a 5th world country. This is regardless of the myriad natural resources in the country that must change before dreaming of changing the entire society. Let’s make a stand as you know that no one tests the depth of a river with both feet. Remember, progress is impossible without change and those who can’t change their minds can’t change anything. 

People can truly celebrate rigged elections! Take the case of Naivasha Constituency and Naivasha East Ward as an example. Even believers could join hands to tell a thief ‘Hongeraa!’ This was not what anyone could have expected. Justice is reduced by few cartels and thrown out of the window.  Did they expect voters to be happy with that? Do they know they are killing unity of their people? Did they know they had drawn another line and widened the gap among the tribes like the general elections case? This was a typical Cancer in the society that will take Jesus to return for its cure. 

It is a cry for Kenyans.  May God Save and Bless Kenya. Whether with NASA or JUBILEE, we all belong to Kenya. If there is any suffering, then we will suffer together.  We must change. 


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