Jana Band is a five member music group with students from Moi University. The group recently released their new hit ‘MBAO’. Hussein and Quincy caught up with them.

Who is Jana band?

Jana band is a music group made of five members. Kelly Jofe, Koko, Collo kay, Mercy Thaba and Cohen Changala. All the members of the band are first year students at Moi University. The band was formed to express and build on the members’ talents.

What was the driving force towards the formation of such a band in campus?

All the band members showed passion for music and everyone wanted to grow their talents to a higher level. Passion for music was the thing (all chuckle).

Briefly tell us about the genre of your music

We do Afro-pop. This is the type of music whose message triggers positive transformation of the society.

Have you done any studio recordings of your music so far?

Yes. We have done a single known as “MBAO” produced by Teddy B. It is on and each and every fan of ours can download it from there.

What did you prioritize while taking in new members when the band started off?
When we formed Jana band, we took into consideration talent, flexibility and commitment of persons. We are currently not taking in any new members, we also are not expecting to drop any of our current committed members.

You guys do a lot of shows in and around Moi University. How often do you train for such pieces?
We attend our training sessions on a daily basis. Our rehearsals take place daily as from 5pm to 7pm exempting Sundays.

Apart from music, what else do you guys do?
We are all students, pursuing different courses at Moi University. After all, knowledge is power.

Nothing comes easy. Your rise to fame in and around campus must have suffered one or two setbacks. What are some of the challenges you face as a music group?
Fame is a journey (giggling). We have come across potholes. We face a lot. Lack of support from fans when we started out as a band, differing in ideas amongst ourselves, to mention just but a few make what we do not that all easy.

How do you go about facing these challenges? Do you have a particular criterion of doing so?
There is no definite criteria of solving such mentioned challenges. The passion, sacrifice and determination have driven us above any issue to take us this far. It all revolves in and around teamwork.

Can anybody sing?
(All laugh)  Of course not everybody can sing. Also not anybody can sing. It is some talent in you. Once you realize you have that particular gift. You work on it to nurture it to its ultimate perfection. All members of Jana band are vocalists who work hard on their voices to better them by day.
Do you believe your fans have been of greater support to you this far?

This far we have come. We thank God over everything. Our fans are second most important to us. They have made Jana band what it is today. We love them and we need them.

Anything you could say about The Communicator?
We thank The Communicator for a job well done. You guys have helped us a lot. You have inspired and transformed minds around Moi University. We wish that you expand your project being Kenya’s #1 Campus Media house and online publication. We wish you do something like a weekly magazine in future.

Last words to your audience. How can they reach you?

Like our page on Facebook, as Jana Band Kenya. Instagram as @Jana Band Kenya. Listen to our Hit song “MBAO” available on We love you so much and thanks for the massive support

By Hussein Juma & Quincy Thuo


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