Bottomline:We were deliberated from the white man and inculcated into the colonial rule by poverty.

By Hussein Ichiaji

What is happening speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what they will have to say in their defence. Once the late Bob Marley said “It’s a natural mystic blowing through the air.” This is a clear depiction of what is currently happening here at my mother country. So many people are suffering without forgeting the fact that  so many had suffered before. They had been crying but  tears fall back into their stomachs. 

Just at the beginning of this year, draught was raving our own. We offered very meager assistance to ease the situation. We kept watching as our brothers and sisters suffered because of our own mistakes. Animals in the pastoralists communities died in large numbers, a malady that ate into their wealth so much as we already know the value that they have for those animals.The central govenment had promised to give them Ksh 50M for   food aid programme.  That was said but never done. Maybe it was one of the invalid dreams we have.  Though the efforts of UN and the Red Cross cant go unrecognised. 

Here comes a situation that now everyone is crying. Bringing food on the table is a hard nut to crush. You might wish to give your stomachs a compulsory leave so that you don’t feel the pains of hunger. But that is just an imagination of the highest order.   Our staple foods, flour and sugar, have been on the steady rise.  This is in fact even after  the Government issuing out a million bags of maize. This didn’t have any impact on the situation. Because our economy is doing ‘well’.

Now that we don’t cry over spilled milk what is the next move? How do we help our fellow countrymen who are already feeling the pains of hunger? Do we sit back and watch? Or form some tribunals in the name of looking into the matter as we heavily eat from them.  Remember hunger is one thing that doesn’t choose who to pounce on, whether children or mothers, employed or non employed, fat or slender,or any one. 

When we were granted independence it seemed clear that we could govern our self. The major things we had prioritized to fight were poverty, ignorance and disease. After 50 years of independence, its very unfortunate to be still fighting poverty. Is it because those who could save us from this mess are all dead? When did the rains start beating us? When did we lose track? These are some of the questions that go unanswered when madness of the whole nation disturbs a solitary mind. 

Personal interest. This is the genesis of all our problems. Our heroes and heroins fought hardly to deliberate us from the White man’s rule. We were deliberated from the white man and inculcated into the colonial rule by poverty. This is something that we can solve by strategising and we free our fellow kenyans. It had happened before for instance , Egypt which was worse than us, and we are not an exception. 

 The leaders that we have had since independence have not thought of putting in place strategies that promote freedom from poverty. Maybe it’s true  that when you rule, you must be economically above your subjects. It is a mother of all lies to cry out that our country is poor. Who said that?  We are a very rich country where we import grass to make good playgrounds for the hungry citizens. 

All we need is a leader and not a manager. We are still crying even with the advent of devolution. Our county governors are also driven by personal interest which is a cancer that is slowly eating us.  It is high time that we have the power to change our status quo. Lets go back to the drawing board before August 8th.

 Written by Hussein Juma

Email address: husseinchiaji@gmail.com. 

Twitter handle: @husseinchiaji


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