Bottomline: Africa is set to suffer economically with sanctions impending on various alliances.

By Olare James B.           

Since the election of Donald J. Trump to the head the world’s most powerful office, the count of world’s paranoid leaders has risen to four with the pack led by North Korean president Kim Jong-un and deputized by Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad as an underdog to the union.

With the propaganda for this impending attack heavily propelled by North Korea and their determined attempts for nuclear tests and the U.S who consistently warns Kim Jong-un after his several failed tests, Russia could also be getting into this war with the U.S as main foes with Syria as the main center of conflict. Russia had already warned Britain that it could be wiped out in a single attack and North Korea promising to sweep the U.S to the last man until there will be no man left to sign the surrender papers, it’s getting interesting instead of scary. 

China is already pulling out its citizens living and working in North Korea. For Japan, it had already warned its citizens that they only had thirty minutes to prepare for a strike by North Korea. Russia is already accused of planting nuclear missiles along US East-Coast to cause monster waves during the ww3. The US has already placed their Thermal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missiles in Pyongyang, South Korea ready to intercept North Korea attacks.

Battle lines could be emerging with the Korean Peninsula and Syria as the major battle fields. Probable allies could be US, Israel, South Korea, UK and France as first group and Russia, Middle East countries, North Korea and China as the second group. Foes could be Russia, North Korea, Syria and India as main enemies to the US, Israel, South Korea and the UK. China could join the war as allies to South Korea but only if they don’t start the war while India could be joining the war to see the destruction of US so that it could rise as the next super power in case The US and Russia and seriously affected.  

Africa is set to suffer economically with sanctions impending on various alliances. This WW3 could just be a move to address the world population agenda with Asia known for dense population.   

Olare J.B


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