Bottomline: Teenagers are now getting married, very early in life. They probably haven’t known each other better, and there they are, living together. 

By Quincy Thuo

He has a lucrative job at a modern business enterprise in town. The two of you have loved each other for a while now. You probably met in campus so you know him way too better. Blessed with children, you believe he will place his entire focus on the family. And you mean world to him.
The guy has it all, and so he won’t mind keeping one or two mistresses. Sex means a lot to him. Not that you do not cater for his conjugal rights, but he needs some different taste every now and then. A blend and a cocktail is what serves him best.

Infidelity has been a topic of discussion on 80 per cent of our homes today. It starts with the youth. A guy will find no harm in keeping two or more girlfriends to his belt. Yet it looks so indecent when a lady keeps more than one guy.

Men will always want more, I will not justify their actions, neither will I condemn their nature. You probably give him sex thrice a week and you think you make him more than happy. That is not the case however. He just seems to get attracted to other ladies, and when the opportunity presents itself, he takes it with no doubt of second chances.

Our relationships don’t take rounds. Families fight every now and then. To be faithful to your partner requires more than hardwork. It is something the two have to work towards during their courtship, and on the onset of marriage.

There is no specific remedy to this crisis. It presents itself as a serious threat to relationships, and one that is still very difficult to handle.

Age at which we get married is one factor promoting unfaithfulness. Teenagers are now getting married, very early in life. They probably haven’t known each other better, and there they are, living together. The situation is made more sumptuous when they have a child together.

Youth still want to have more fun and enjoy life. It becomes difficult if they are in a serious family at that kind of age. They will never settle. This is beyond any doubt. Normally, a man starts thinking of a serious family at 30. By then, he has gone through a lot.

It is just a matter of choice. We have choices to make. Whether we plan to be loyal to our partners or play from one street to the other. It is upon us to see to it which path we chose. And which kind of people we want the society to make of us.
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