By Lucy Karaya,
Conceive in your mind the people around,
Are they a big wheel to your success?
Are they the blue band in your bread?
Discover the thorns and the roses.
Some of these people are your daisies,
You hold them in your delicate part,
However in theirs, you are withering leaves,
The outcome of this is often hurting!

The green grass becomes brown and barren,
What is springing out is a sad sunken soul,
Your rainbow begin fading, no sign of rain, 
A depressive face replaces the beautiful smile! 

Crying has never ever been a solution,
This life has no chance for a tortoise, 
The minute hand is still on rotation,
Take a new step, the only joy peels.

Give your broken heart a break, 
It’s tired of the recurrent peace thefts,
A bell is ringing, apply a brake!
Light up the little light left! 

Your own daisy will eventually spring out,
Do not be bothered by the snakes hisses,
They will just expose you to heart dirt,
Go up to eleven…smile to your success.

By Lucy Karaya. 

Incumbent Public Relations Officer, The Communicator


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