Music industry in Kenya has been on consistent transition to place itself as the core entertainment industry. Albeit the recognizable change, it is yet to establish itself as the central entertainment industry.

The music produced five years ago is not exactly the music being brought on board currently. It has been on continuous growth. Musicians are getting more diverse and more creative with extra content, bringing more taste to the current fusion of Kenyan music.

The genres that existed have shown massive change in their relevance. This has all happened because of the dynamic nature of listeners. Most consumers are youths who value the music showcasing indecency in the music videos. We are in the 21st century and everything revolves around modernity. We should however not support the extreme video or music video directors and productions being brought up.

The long-existing industry is still lagging. It has not yet matched the expectations consumers. Young and upcoming artistes face the explicit wrath of such a lucrative Kenyan Industry.  Kenyan artistes are only the few and the well-known.  Talented youngsters lack the opportunity to exposure.

The artistes also lack home support. Kenyans would rather fill their playlist with western and Nigerian hit songs.  Less credit is given to the local music. Even though our local music may be below the expected standards, we need to credit them.

Competition amongst the artistes actually drags them. They have specialized in beefing up and producing dis-tracks that flood local media. The industry should be far off from what it is now.

Petty scandals also erode our talented musicians. Prezzo, Marya and Avril are known for top headlines with minute scandals on relationships and their lifestyle. They have therefore been devalued for this.

The government also has a role to determining  the future of Kenyan music. Bands like Sauti sol, Le- band, H_Art the Band and Elani Music have done marvelous work that has not been recognized. 

There is need to see our music advanced in at least 5 years to come. Both the renowned and upcoming artists should be subjected to developing momentum.
Luiz quincy thuo @ facebook




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