There have been cases of vehicles and Boda Bodas running into students at Stage Area. Motorists and students on foot compete for routes around the place. The place in question is however known as being non-part of Moi University. The place however still remains a basic server of students’ needs.
Three weeks ago, a Kangaroo ran into a female student who had just done her shopping rom Reliance Supermarket. This was in the morning hours just outside Talai Center’s Gate. The injured student ended up seeing her commodities being left in uncollectable situation. The driver pretended to care and parked the vehicle by the roadside before sneaking away. The slightly injured student was nursed at the university clinic before being discharged after a short while.  Police officers who were later informed came in the evening and drove the van away.

On Saturday of 22nd April, a boda boda knocked down a second year student, leaving her with serious injuries. The critically injured student was taken to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH). This occurred minutes after Chelsea vs. Tottenham match as many students were coming from the various halls. The injured student however declined to record a statement to criminalize the rider and wanted the case to remain secretive. 

Initially, the passenger motorists had been barred from transacting business along the university routes. This saw smooth movement within the institution. The only setback was that thse students who generally relied on them were seen to be greatly affected. Today, the motorist, especially the motorbikes, are to some extent allowed to access some of the routes. They have however been seen to misuse the privilege by attempting to move at Safari Rally speeds.

It is undisputable that most land covered by these motorists is community land. With the same degree, the fact that the place has a great value to the students should be appreciated.  When banning, shopping activities in the academic area, no one imagined that that might affect the road users in any way.

There can be a way that  will ensure the students and the motorists within the institution freely move without posing any danger to the other user.

Lazarus O. Nadebu




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