Bottom-line: Favoritism, nepotism and tribalism have permanently grown in us leaving no room for happiness and feelings that make us human.

Dennis K. Bundi

It has always been said that humans are the greatest threat to life on earth. Through our brilliance, inventiveness, cleverness and the abilities that are at our disposal we top the list of the threats. We keep destroying the world through wars, environmental crises, invasion to animals’ habitats, laboratory made infections, et al. We think, eat, sleep and wake up with evil. All sorts of crimes against humanity, terrorism rape, violence, theft (corruption) earmark our lifestyles. No one thinks about tomorrow. We live in extreme poverty, unspeakable hatred, endless wars, all this because our ancestors just like us never thought of tomorrow’s life.

Fourth crusade of 1204, world wars, Taiping rebellion, independency riot and colonization are just but a few; we still live with that trauma. We have not yet recovered and most likely we may never. Why? It’s because we are busy initiating more world crises. People are constantly triggering wars and others are very ready for them. HIV/ AIDS, Ebola, STDs, Cancer and other countless ailments are all human faults.

Some parts of the globe are constantly experiencing endless tensions. New weapons are being acquired both legally and illegally on a daily basis. Have you ever tried to figure out which wars are we preparing for? Soon, there will be no life at all; no earth because humans are out of control. We make a very small percentage of living things, the other percentage being occupied by other animals and plants, which both fall under the responsibilities of human beings. But are we even aware of this?

The earth being rich generously provides for all of us; it gives its best to the both the poor and the rich, to the adults and children, to the good and to the evil alike. We eat from the same soil. But there is always a stiff, never ending competition for things that have been there since time immemorial and will be there for eternity. Greed has blinded us, greed that never ends even when one gets all he needs.

Human beings always want more. The rich man wants Naboth’s vineyard, Cain offers to God rotten tomatoes, David steals Uriah’s wife.

Everyone wants to succeed at the expense of others hence there’s no room for each person to succeed; just a handful.

Jealousy has incorporated huge portions in our hearts. Favoritism, nepotism and tribalism have permanently stuck with us leaving no room for happiness and feelings that make us human. We no longer have fear for our God nor oblige to basic rules that govern us. We truly are animals or rather beasts in disguise as we have made the earth one hell of a place to stay.


If only each of the 7 billion of us decided to do the right thing, if only we placed our economic, scientific and industrial capabilities in saving lives, there would be great hope for tomorrow.

The power to fight evil is at our disposal; power that resembles no other, power to keep evil at bay or eliminate it completely. It’s our choice. We hold the future of the world, its either we mould it or destroy it.

The writer is a first year journalism student


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