By Dominic Wanjiru

Bottom line: The youths of today are idling in hordes, teeth busy on green foliage as if in a competition with goats

There is nothing that beats the interlude of shallowness in ignorance. We continue to wallow in the ignorance of the real issues facing us.

Drug and substance abuse is a crucial topic that if not addressed, will lead to our destruction. Any Kenyan of goodwill is right to question where the rain started beating us. What is happening to our society today?

The youths of today are idling in hordes in various centers, teeth busy on green foliage as if in a competition with goats. It has become an eyesore.

Writing on this infamous topic often draws ire from the group. They will question the moral ground, on which you stand, the effects their actions has on you.

However, like most Kenyans, we are enraged to see many evolve to zombies courtesy of alcohol. It’s a society where wannabe’s, ne’er do well and riffraffs flourish in the total glare of the risk therein.

Are we doing enough to counter the abuse of these drugs? No. Our best is yet to peak. At a recent leadership forum sponsored by Equity group foundation, I had a sneak peek into the lives of addicts. A majority of drugs affects the five senses of the user leaving them sub-human.

It all starts with the excitement phase, intoxication, tolerance, dependency and finally addiction. Clawing their way into the bodies of the victims, the drugs will not stop at anything less of health problems, infertility, insanity, economic problems and in extreme cases, suicide.

I am persuaded drugs came to do us more harm than good. We are rendered useless. What I see nowadays are tall, emotionally unstable babies hiding their empty souls in flashy Mitumba apparel. It sickens to see dreams of being a surgeon stream to being a nurse before stopping at being a patient of life. The future of our continent is slowly washed away.


Around us we have seen careers lost, families broken, finances dwindling due to overindulgence in drugs. From minding what people think of us, we let the negative comments that ensue pin us to the floor. We become statistics for NGOs milking money from donors across the globe.

How I wish we realized in life lies a fortune, the chance to own all we want, the worth funding counties and countries. All that stands between us and the opportunities is the decision to change, a life void of substance abuse.

Negative influence will be thrown your way; you shouldn’t let it hold you hostage. Ensure to get distracted by your own positivism. One way to cancel out the noise in your life is to question what you will do if no one ever judged.

At the end of a drug free society lays the aspirations of our country. Such iconic blueprints as Vision 2030 will become a reality.

The writer is a Tours and Travel Management Student at Moi University, Eldoret town campus.


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