By Awora Calvin

Bottomline: This woman called FIFA is never selfish, you only need to get her into the mood and even before you realize it, you will be enjoying every bit of her.

Everything happens for a reason. The moment you decide to engage in any undertaking, you have to plan for it with an already foreseen purpose in the long run. The guys who created these video games had a target, not just to make money but to create some serious change in your life. Considering my long term experience in playing this great game of men, here are the major three reasons why you should board this flight.

1. Your number one spouse.
The moment you are at it, there is nothing else to think about. It is like the feeling of making love where you get so involved: you actually want to give it your best shot and if that doesn’t happen, you get so mad. That’s why you will never find two gentleman playing this game silently. This woman called FIFA is never selfish, you only need to get her into the mood and even before you realize it, you will be enjoying every bit of her. She never gets tired, you will.

2. To have an easy escape from the stress of life.
As you keep aging, you find yourself having a lot of responsibilities and plenty of stuff to think about. You have to get over that heart break, think about how to make some quick money from sportpesa, your gas is empty, she is coming over tonight but you are dead broke and to make matters worse, your friend Ayieko is calling to tell you that her girlfriend ditched her because he kept her waiting for six good hours in the name of playing FIFA. Wait a minute, is that even my problem? My goodness!! These adult stuff are just so overrated. My brother, don’t let your small brain burst unnecessarily. Just spend some two hours playing FIFA then get back to me.fifa

3. Cheap and Affordable source of Entertainment.
Have you ever thought about these little things you spend your money on everyday but you can do without? Eating fries, juice and most importantly alcohol add up to ¾ of total monthly expenditure for some of us. Just do the calculation and find out how rich you are. The problem is that you just don’t know how to manage all that cash for a better purpose. All you need to do is to install this video game on your laptop and you will be good to go. When you stressed you go take alcohol, forget about your problem for a while but the moment you are sober you are back to the starting line.
Play FIFA while you stressed and you will not only forget about it but you will have an awesome atmosphere to think and come up with the best solution.

And by the way for those who always insist on staying behind the news, FIFA 17 is already out, it’s worth trying.

The Writer is a final year Journalism Student


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