By Vollah Owino
Bottomline: they came to the university to read, unlike majority who read so as to make it past the cut off mark and join varsity

In campus you are bound to come across many students from different socio-cultural backgrounds, through your four year period you are bound to have different roommates with different likes and dislikes unless you become a ‘landlord’ at stage where you decide to live in solitude. Up to now in my third year of study have stayed with different ‘roomies’;

The Villagers; this must be the favorite roommate you have to thank Mr.Masibo,the ICT hostel management guy for. They come from the interior parts of the republic with stories you always love to listen to. They are the usually genius students who happen to make it alone from their former high school to the university, lone rangers. These are the students the whole village looks up on as his or her success is considered the success of the whole village. They are always amazed by everything from portable televisions (laptops), flowing water from the tap, ability to light a room using the electrical switch, flash toilets, machines that ‘pour’ money ATM machines blaah blaah. Furthermore they came to witness buildings which are built on top of buildings, storey buildings in the university this explains why they fear going up high buildings.

The Drunkards; depending on your religious inclination you are bound to love them or to hate them. These are people who cannot sleep with any alcoholic drink in the same room, its either one sleeps inside the other. They are defacto members of stage based ‘munir de barreaux’ and shareholders of all beer, wines and spirits companies. They believe alcohol was made for them to drink and only them. When they are drunk they would usually shout along the academic highway tracking to their halls of residence ‘If Jesus turned water into wine who am I not to drink,’ a clear indication that they were magnificent during their Sunday school days .They place the bottles of all the alcoholic drinks they ever drunketh on windows of their hostel rooms to show their experience in that field. They are usually on financial comatose but never fail to have money for alcoholic activities.dancebash

The Scholars; These are students who came to the university to read, unlike majority who read so as to make it past the cut off mark and join varsity. Their life revolves around lecture halls and library they spend minimum and necessary contact with their rooms.They Know very well what brought them to the university. They are usually on an academic mode as they maneuver their way along the academic highway walking in an academic angle. They always have books everywhere they monologue walking. Getting 27 out of 30 in a CAT is an unforgivable academic sin punished by trans-nighting.

The Musicians; the woofer and virtual Dj pro mixer on the laptop or their phone memory card are enough. They ensure that the whole hostel knows that they have an ampex woofer and the latest song in the music arena. Even when they are off to lectures the music is always on, loud and clear.

The Writer is a final year Public Relations student

To be continued


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