By Eugene Kabasa
Bottom line: You live in Zion, she lives in Gomorrah
She might be imperfect in many ways, but to you she is perfect.
“’Do you really like her? Do you find it comfortable holding hands with her in public?” He asked his fellow who was seemingly put off by the topic. He asked again. The guy had to reply. “Why not? She is my wife” Everybody in the matatu had to turn their heads to steal a glance.

“She is just good, she forgets herself at times when she is high. She needs to smoke and party and do all those kind of weird things. She is spoilt but still means everything to me.”
It took me aback how this man proudly defended her ‘spoilt’ wife in the face of everyone. It later hit me that the guy was a pastor at a suburb church. His attitude was rare to come by.

Dear men, you could be spending half of your day flipping through the Bible pages but for her a puff or two every two hours will do. When you tune into Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer to get spiritually uplifted she sinks he earphones deep and shifts between trending dancehall hit and this cool jam by chain-smokers. You live in Zion, she lives in Gomorrah. This, to you, is not a reason to terminate your marriage.

Often, people will say that two different personalities cannot create a great couple. However recent research shows that out of ten such marriages only two collapse. The difference in personality could be so big, the rift too wide. It takes submission and understanding from both parties in order to beat all the odds.

Zac is one guy who has been in marriage for with a lady he describes as a ‘bad girl’. He dated her for a year before deciding to move in together. His face exudes happiness and satisfaction. The dream of any guy in a marriage.incompartible

“During our entire dating period I knew what she was. She could get drunk, throw parties and have fun, that was her. Nobody could believe my decision to marry her, even my own parents. Its seven years since we tied the knots and we have been happy all through.”

My single brothers in outlook for this lady who shares in your every trait, you are waiting for goddott. The earlier you can dance to this conventional tune the better.
Remember, whenever you say you love her you mean you are ready to take every imperfection. Until you can update your own character to perfection you should not demand perfection from your partner.

The writer is a first year journalism student


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