By Ridempta Muthoni
Bottom line: This word ‘ Humility!’

It is said that the first test of a truly great man is his humility. I have always believed in the thin line between arrogance and confidence and named it ‘Humility’. I am neither a preacher nor do I forsee indulging in such but I have to mention the Bible. It clearly states about considering others as more significant than ourselves. This in mind, a burning issue lately not only triggered my writing but also the attention and wrath of Kenyans on social media. Dr .Ezekiel Mutua, with all due respect kindly have some humble pie. To enhance understanding, he is indeed a successful man having served in top ranks in the government and media houses.

A scholar who studied within and out of Kenya, Dr. Mutua has been vocal in ‘promotion of morals’. Over the years, he has maintained a strong stance against homosexuality and banned certain advertisements he deemed. One journalist later remarked that Dr Mutua would never set foot in the ‘’Land of milk and honey’’ due to his stand on lesbians ,gays, bisexuals ,transgenders (LGBT) and atheists. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Film Commision. Having a worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he secured a diplomatic passport back in February 2013.

I have nothing against diplomatic passport holders. I mean, is there anything sweeter than freedom to travel abroad prestigiously for ten years? However, the constitution clearly those entitled to the passport including the President, his Deputy president, their immediate families and Speakers of the Parliament .Also senior security officers including the Inspector General ,Chief justice ,governors, KDF Service commanders are also entitled. Being a patriotic, citizen I have no objection whatsoever.


Ezekiel Mutua ; Kenya Films Classification Board Chair

Dr.Mutua made headlines when he posted his diplomatic passport on his Facebook account .The CEO was happily heading to the US despite his stand on gay rights. He was a happy man reacting to the ‘prophets of doom ‘ who bluntly imagined his never going to USA. He bragged of not having to go to the embassy for biometrics or pay the visa application fee. It was delivered to his office free of charge. His action prompted the immigration department to recall Dr.Mutua’s passport. The unfortunate situation would have been avoided by spicing his life with humility.

As my pen goes dry, I wish that as we climb the ladder of success we will all embrace humility. Dr.Mutua still would be crossing seas and land on the taxpayers money had he been humble. Only wise people learn from others mistakes. It was pride that changed angels into devils: it is humility that makes men as angels .Spice up life, have some humble pie and be humble.

The writer is a first year public relations student


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