Bottomline: Her father could not stop looking at her, staring at her well-endowed assets

By Edith Omondi
The deep red cuts reminded her of the awful incident, not forgetting the dark, dusty room where the ordeal took place. Charity feared walking again in the room, she spent most of her time in the room looking at her in the cracked mirror, crying, cursing herself over and over.
The weak, old, rectangular bed again reminded her of what her beloved did to her .Every single step that happened kept reverberating in her destroyed mind

“Prr! “She started recalling, that was a phone call from her dearest dad. “Hi charity , kindly bring for me the warm leather jacket in the sitting room”

She quickly took what she was sent not forgetting that she wore a black skirt exposing her brown, smooth, sexy thighs out. A top that left her attractive, “here dad”, she handed over the leather jacket to her beloved dad.


Her father could not stop looking at her, staring at her well-endowed assets .When she turned back heading to her room , he stared at her, admiring her figure .

“you have grown beautiful my daughter come please; you have smooth, brown thighs and sexy body”. He commented.

Surprisingly he was tempted to lay his hands gracefully across his daughter’s chest; “come close my daughter, “the dad insisted. Charity tried to run but the last thing she felt was a heavy slap that landed her on the floor. Her father could not overcome the temptation and continued abusing her daughter sexually.

“Mum, dad raped me”, she told her mam the shocking news.

The blank stare, the pain and loss that she felt could be seen in her eyes .Her mother did not believe that her husband could do such a thing. Her mother decided to go to the hospital to confirm the shocking ordeal, before asking her irresponsible husband.

“Your daughter is two weeks pregnant, diagnosed with syphilis in her body system, “said the doctor.

Confused! She did not believe what the doctor told her. “Does that mean that I also have the disease?” she asked. ”Yes madam you are infected” He confirmed. Unfortunately, both the mum and daughter were pregnant from the same man who happened to be her father

The Writer is a First year Public Relations Student.


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