By Eugine Kabasa
Bottomline: I only saw a demigod in him, it never occurred to me He would turn out to be what he eventually became.

We are lost in this infamous topic of sleazy campus ladies finding themselves non-biological financial dads, sponsors. So deep are we lost that the echoes of the untold story of the other end never reach us. Who holds the blame to this life atrocity?

The reactions at the end of it all however, exposes one bitter reality- the temporary smiles the sponsored ladies put on their faces only last a fortnight and blankets the feeling of emptiness, torture and regrets that dwells deep within them.
Vicky (real name withheld), a young lady in campus shares her life encounter with a 62 years old man with a flourishing exportation company. Hers is a story that brings to light the darker side of the conspiracy.

Miss Vicky met her aged savior about three years ago when she was fresh in campus. What stood between her and the end-year-examinations were the huge arrears that she owed the school. Desperate and at her wits end on what to do, a ‘God-sent’ man walked into her life. He knew at once that something was torturing her. Vicky had finally met one of those rare helpful gentlemen she read about.

“He showed me that kindness I only once witnessed from my late parents. His kindness defeated me,” she said behind a smirk and light giggles.

Vicky was going to stop at nothing to pay him back, something he heavily protested. The man had paid her entire year’s fee and did not stop at that. He left his address behind just in case she needed anything. He would only be a call away.

“I only saw a demigod in him, it never occurred to me He would turn out to be what he eventually became.”

The agony on Vicky’s face crowns it all; her body exudes absolute emaciation and being worn out. With her savior nowhere to be seen, the hospital room that has become her new home is a haven of solitude and regret.

The story from Vicky exposes how vulnerability and financial instability of very innocent young ladies is capitalized on by influential old men. Driven by innate insatiable urge to have fun, the men maraud corridors and highways of universities scouting for their next prey.

Well ladies, could you be craving for the financial security, trendy clothes and gifts, get yourself a sponsor. Could it be the mature conversations that your age mates will never provide, get yourself a sponsor. You could otherwise desire a baggage free relationship with an old man who doesn’t ask much from you, get a sponsor.

The canvas on which your story will be written is already cut. The wording will not change anytime soon. Sponsors will use you before hurriedly charming their way to the new prey. That is their niche after all. You are a pretty young thing (PTY) and the padded lifestyle will someday. You know what awaits you on the other end.

The Writer is a first year journalism student


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