By Edith Gatweri
Bottomline: When home is never home again a child fells rejected
Ask about the experience of living with a step parent and you will be shown to a child suffering from within.
Stories are told of the fear that highlights their lives when they are in the presence of both the parents. Even the basic of necessities such as asking for a book is quite the hustle.
Jane (not her real name), had enough of the abusive marriage she had hung on to for nine years. Straight from the incessant fights, she found comforting peace in the arms of Andrew (not his real name too), her church mate who they had enjoyed an illicit relationship for two months.
It wasn’t long before she was in a new marriage and her son David was having a new dad.
The new beginning for the freshly weds spelled gloom and doom for the son. David was to witness the real wrath of her mother’s frustration when he accidentally blocked the new dad’s phone.

Scores of scolding and slurs linking him to his abusive father went flying. Her mother was desperate to keep her new man.

The home was never home again. The child felt rejected.

Woe on to stepchildren who their parents get a baby in the marriage. Often, the parents are more obligated to focus on the child they sired than the one brought to the marriage. Such case as monitoring the education performance majors on the new kid.

Across the board, children never tell. They will continue to suffer in silence. They never flinch when their stepsiblings are brought for gifts, and they miss out. They never wince when their freedom is curtailed than their partners.

Slowly, this has a toll on these children. Their education performance starts streaming down the ladder. Competing for the parent’s attention diminishes to introversion. The calls to engage in such activities that give a sense of inclusion as using drugs become louder. These children feel the urge to move away from home and live where they feel accepted. Streets become more homely than what they have known as home before.

Children of step parents should be treated equally without favoritism. These children also stand a chance of becoming the great of the society. Who knows? They will be the ones to move their stepparents to higher standards.

The writer is a first year journalism student


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