By Graysen Nixon Kilonzo
Bottomline: “why was he calling himself a doctor yet he isn’t in a hospital wearing a white overall”
Silence was the only element missing in the hall during the School of Human Resource Management orientation; all other schools had held theirs except us. What is the difference between success and failure? Patience…The young minds where encouraged to have it at all times. Some few murmurs and eventually the hall went dead as if baba was just having his speech. What was the difference? The meeting almost felt intellectual but still educative and with a friendly atmosphere making it feel like Uhuru taking a meal at ‘Villa Rosa Kibandaski `. Running in my mind was the fact that my sub conscious self actually spoke to me. Making your brain work is definitely going to help you achieve success in your life and that is what you are doing right now.

It dawned on us that success is earned. That was the point brought out by the Head of Department (HOD), Communication Studies Dr. Charles Ochieng’ Ong’ondo who was the standout speaker. His narration of how he rose from a high school teacher in Western Kenya to his current position. An academic journey that saw him attend the prestigious University of Leeds in the United Kingdom was the talking point for all of us, a clear manifestation of hardwork.

I took a look to my left and saw an adrenaline driven lad, smiling at every word Dr. Ong`ondo said. For a while I was confused why was he calling himself a doctor yet he isn’t in a hospital wearing white overall. I later realized it’s an earned academic title for you to be called Doctor or Dactor as he put it. Everyone around tried to blend in despite the philosophical terminologies that came out once in a while. It spanked my brain that it is your responsibility to make your world work for you. If you can’t control it don’t expect to be a good chauffer. All we ever thought was the fact that we had learned all this while since primary got a PhD (Passed High school with Difficulty).

I must admit their attires really impressed me. I heard an individual I will not mention him, but he made my day. “Couldn’t they iron those?” I tried hiding my laughter. Surely I did not know what to tell him. However, as soon words came out of their mouths I knew that I was on the wrong side of town. Correcting yourself is correcting the whole world.The sun is simply bright. It doesn’t correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the world.

The lecturers were wise full of words that inspired the hell out of us. Minds were opening like magic books. Realistic ideas started to sink in our minds. For those who had the intent to indulge in drugs, they might reconsider their thoughts and stay put. Management was actually doing the right things but what I was witnessing was leadership: doing the right things.

It all made sense now even when Hillary Orinde was called to inspire us all with his extraordinaire script of his story. Kevin and Calvin followed suit and believe me it changed a lot of perspectives. Deep down all that Human Resource students wanted to do was to achieve and surpass what Hillary and the crew had achieved. When the time to give a vote of thanks came, a dainty lady gathered all the courage she had and smiled her face out front for the large crowd. I loved her insight and comprehensive self.

It’s not necessarily about what career you pick. It’s about how you do what you do. That was the epitome of all decisions. Someone once told me life is so vast, mysterious, it cannot be reduced to rule or a maxim. All maxims fall short, are too small, they cannot contain all your ideas and aspirations. Hence the golden rule is significant that there are no golden rules. An authentic human resource student doesn’t live by rules, maxims and commandments. That’s the way of a pseudo man. An authentic HR student simply lives and knows no limits.

The Writer is a First year Public Relations Student


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