By Quincy Thuo
Bottomline: I slid myself into my cozy blankets assuring myself ‘the foxes have gone hunting
Death infatuates me. Maybe I’m a dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death. Albeit being fixed to the scheme of wondering when I’m going to rest, I have sooner enough discovered that my infatuation is not only to the wits of the grave but also to numbers.
Zeros and commas have always seemed to startle me, since time in memorial. This has made it easier for sports betting sites to divide and conquer me.

Last week was it. My brother sent me seven thousand shillings. Being a stickler of my mantra ‘Use money to get money’, I was on course to mint more money from gambling. I neither hesitated nor held back to subscribing to my daily data bundles and switching tabs between Sportpesa, Bet In, Betway and Elite Bet in a bid to weigh the odds.
Vfl Wolfsburg played Borussia Dortmund. Nottingham Forest hosted Liverpool. Arsenal was away to Derby County. Real Madrid would be at the Bernabeu taking on Villareal. The following day was to see Bayern Munich lock horns with Hertha Berlin.


I have not been a vehement dreamer. My dad always called me a smooth operator and branded me swift. Often, I do not only critically think but also make rash executions. I, therefore, placed my five bets under one bet slip, confirmed my six thousand eight hundred shillings stake and termed it a “SURE BET.”

I slid myself into my cozy blankets assuring myself ‘the foxes have gone hunting.’ It was two a.m. when I was startled from my sleep by a text message; all the games must have been played. That must be my money from the bookies.

It was my service provider notifying me of their new data offer. Pensive, I went to check the scores. No one has refreshed live scores web page as much as I did. No amount of reassurance could speak the slim hope that I hung on, these full time scores were probably the half time scores.

Seven thousand shillings, duly received from my brother, now swiftly lost!
I am not the only lad. Most would attest that a good number of varsity students lose close to a thousand shillings a week on sports betting craze. Dreamers are all over local Universities, each fantasizing of hitting the jackpot on their lucky day.
Betting sites have had an upper edge over their gamblers. Student’s school fees are being wasted; invested into the mega-rich betting firms. Regulations from government bodies have failed on their mandate. All that remains for the gamblers is a personal resolve to control the craze.

The government through the cabinet secretary of sports should find a way of regulating and only giving operating licenses to firms that rightfully and lawfully practice the game. Otherwise, we will continue refreshing LIVESCORES to our poverty.

The writer is a first year journalism student


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