To My Future Son & Daughter,

By Ivy Koome

By the time you read this, the world will be a whole different place. The buildings will be taller, phones will be slimmer, and I will have gained a few pounds thanks to you guys.

I don’t know the number of years that will have passed, but I want you to know how much mommy prayed for you. Before the thought of having you even existed.

I know the importance of a good upbringing, but I am also aware of the immense power that lies in the prayer of a mother.

So this is the prayer I wrote for you. It’s more of a letter, but a prayer nonetheless;

To My Darling Son,

I pray that you’ll grow into a fine young man. A man who is strong yet gentle, intelligent yet humble.

I pray that as you reach your teenage years, when mom’s word becomes ancient, that the foundation laid in your life as a kid will be strong enough. That you will remember my teachings, each time a friend suggests you tap that or puff some. I pray that you, my son, will be the type of man who stands by his principles even if it’s considered ‘uncool’.

I pray that you will be a gentleman. Oh how I pray for that! And not just to pretty Lisa from around the block, but to the old lady standing on the bus and the pregnant mother juggling to hold her kid and a bag of groceries.

I don’t know if ‘team mafisi’ will be in existence, but if it will, I pray that you will be a man who treats women with respect. One who sees them as fellow human beings and not objects of pleasure. There is beauty in being exclusive my son. In finding a beautiful flower and sharing your all with each other. Let not your manhood be described by the number of girls you score.

More importantly, I pray that you’ll pursue your dreams, regardless of whether I approve or not, for at the end of the day, your life is yours to live. I hope you’ll always know how unique you are.


To My Precious Daughter,

I have no doubt of how beautiful you will be, but my prayer is that your beauty will be that of the woman in 1st Peter 3. A woman whose beauty surpasses that of the physical, of braided hair, fine clothes and jewellery. A woman possessing the unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit. That, my dear, will draw attention without you working too hard.

I pray that you will know your worth, from your tender age. That your identity will not be in your pretty face or a man, but in God and who he says you are.

I pray, actually I think I should fast, that the word ‘sponsor’, let alone the person, will never cross your mind. Sweetheart, beyond that pretty face is a brain that has the power to achieve far and beyond what your body can. You don’t need to use your body. God has given you all that pertains to life and godliness. Use that. (Plus you run the risk of putting your mother in jail because I’ll kill that man and ship you off to a desert)

Finally, believe in yourself. Insecurities will come; people will discourage you but never allow that to rob your self confidence. Keep making steps towards your future.

Above all my children, I pray that you will find God. Your dad and I will give a head start, but it’s up to you to make that personal decision and cultivate your intimate relationship with Him.

Till then, I’ll spend my days praying and searching possible baby names on Google (I already have a couple).

I can’t wait to meet you.



The author is a Third Year Public Relations Student


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