By Mercy Loko
I’m getting real tired of idlers around campus; people who have much of their time doing nothing worth a plate on their tables. For the 3 years I have been a student I have met good and disgusting people as well. I have tried for long not to write about them until I met one.
I was walking past students centre when this tall, dark and big eyed guy approached. He did not know my name so he just called out; ‘hey mrembo!’ .My friends can tell how much I don’t like that ‘mrembo’ word. It’s always a word used by strangers to get to you and I mean I don’t expect such from a campus student unless you are a shamba boy doing a degree in maize harvesting. I think I was having a good day so I let the guy explain himself. ‘ I’m a team mafisi member but I was just saying hi!’ the guy said. I cursed meeting such a person. Way out of my league.
I have thought about this team mafisi group for quite some time now and I hate it because they are of no value to me. I do not know who came up with such a title, a real hyena maybe; that terrible looking animal, having no brains at all and feeding on dead decomposing animals. Then from the skies everyone likes being associated with it. Hell no, how do you call yourself a fisi, my goodness we have better animals to associate with. These are just idle desperate people, looking for attention and cheap publicity. A fully grown man having no shame at all as a fisi, disgusting!
Let me offer a word to team mafisi people, hate it or love it. A real Kenyan man is not a player. Having 10 girls around you, doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a boy! Hey it’s a new century dude. A real man is ready for responsibility, not hit and run. Not a single lady is ready to have you as a sperm donor let alone being married to you. Your fake smile, fake cologne and empty promises are the highway to being a looser. Only dogs chase others around; respect the brains your mamma gave to you and yourself too.
I have heard of ladies in the same group too, ‘mafisset’. That is even way too far from disgusting. You are just out of your mind. Femininity comes with some respect for God’s sake.
Get busy people, idleness is deadly!
The writer is a third year journalism student


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