Hey there.

Do you remember what you promised you? The goals you are ever out to achieve. Their mention probably has raised the allure to walk away. Hold it, let’s have a talk.

It could be a book you said you’ll read, a song you were to write and record. 2016 was to be your year of reforms. Like some sort of déjà vu, the desired man/lady you have forever envisioned to be played out right before you. This was the year to become. It was now the time to unchain yourself from the addiction that stop between you and working on yourself. How far have you dug into your goals?

When was the last time you read a book, the last time you put your talent to work without scoffing off, cursing and telling yourself how you can’t do it? When was the last time you gave yourself a new skill, new knowledge on a new topic. You are still the same person you were when you last talked big to yourself in promises. How does that feel? Are you content with what you’re doing?

It is said that man is made or unmade by himself. Hitherto, we live as if we will live forever. We have failed to work on us and make ourselves better in the slightest of ways. Do you remember when you were 6 or 8 years old? You said you’ll be rich by the time you are 25. At that time it was realistic and attainable? Do you still think you’ll be that guy or that classy lady with a Cadillac at age 25? The life we are living is robbing us off the opportunity. Every other night we go to bed without planning for tomorrow. Procrastinating has won the war of ensuring we never commit to our plans.

We all have 24 hours. How comes Donald trump-a billionaire wakes up at 3am in the morning while a hopeless poverty ridden writer like me sleeps till 8am.

It’s really simple guys we can either use pain as our fuel (to drive us to success) or pleasure as our weapon of destruction. The sole principle for life’s success is pain and sacrifice.

I am tired of being the same person year in year out. Perhaps you should do the same. It is time to challenge yourself; bow to a standing ovation from team mafisi, start focusing on fisiaring some few books and chasing after your dream.

The question is back to you. Do you want to be the person you’ve always wanted to be? Take the hard route: read books, learn a new skill, wake up early in the morning, improve your talent and let the pain be your fuel. Walk away; driven, passionate and out to achieve those goals off your checklist.

The author is a third year Journalism student





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