Almost two months down the line, survival is the order of the day. You pirate and you can’t run away from the fact, reason being: you are a first year and you went home with your key and now, though the room was yours, and all you needed to do was to pay and no rebooking. Some just missed  rooms because accommodation is a menace in Moi,

some just wanted to wanted to pirate after squandering what was to be accommodation fees on fake Versace tees going for 400 shillings, folded sweat pants and kamzinga na guarana.
The thing is, pirating intentionally or accidentally your woes exist and are all similar. Whether it’s your brother leave alone your cousin. The first big problem is privacy. Every independent minded being needs privacy but you are there, it’s not your room, you live by the ways of those housing you. You have no privacy and you are not allocated either a wardrobe or a drawer. Your property is theirs but their property is theirs. You have to live with it till Mid April.
You are a subject to intimidation, there is this roommate of whoever is hosting you that always thinks that he/ she is better than you. You are in the school of human resource, you keep your standards because you believe you are the flyest. They are in the school of Arts, the beef is there and because you pirate in their room they find a basis of intimidating you and make sure you are not the best. They are there and you know them.
You have to be able responsible for every stolen or misplaced item. This is the most painful woe of a pirator. You go out partying with your hommies, and your girl invites you overnight for a sleep over, you go there, really exited, for once you are not pirating it’s a sleep over. Back in the room whose you sleep on one side till morning that guy loses something intentionally or its actually stolen but you are the thief, not a suspect yet you are somewhere in L or K. my friend, you are innocent until proven guilty but here its vice versa. And when it’s yours stolen from, then who do you accuse? Dear pirator, be warned he might be his own thief.
As a pirator, you must learn to wait, always be late and be the last.  If you do your stuff on your own, then you will wait for your hosts to finish up first. You should learn to cook last, eat last, bathe last but don’t forget to come to the room first or else be locked outside for the night and always sleeping first. You have to cut some priorities.
Lastly, as a pirator, you can never pay back that sleepover you had in K or L with a come over at “your” place and you will only talk when it’s necessary.

OLARE  is a first year Journalism student in moi university. 


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