10 habits of staying happy! (Happiness)


Being happy is something we all desire irrespective of who we are and where we come from. It is something that
can be closely described as magic, the peace of mind, the contentment in your heart and that beautiful smile that you
wear in your face. How do you stay happy?

1. Live in the present. It is time you stopped worrying about the future and the past. Focus on today. It is
undoubtedly true that there are things you cannot help in life, but what do you do? You cannot let that deny
you a vital ingredient in life. It is time you decided to let go, sipa perfect cup of coffee, and talk to your
family or friend. Remember that being happy or not is all up to you.

2. Enjoy and be grateful for each second. At times when you cannot enjoy “some moments” all you have to
do is focus on the excitation that moments bring and represent. Somebody just smiled at you; a friend
complimented your dressing. Appreciation of every moment can generate your inner happiness.

3. Focus on your “happy place”. We all have exciting and happy places that make us happy right. It is your
home, a quiet room or a movie even the library if that is what makes you feels contented with life. If you
cannot get there it is not wrong to daydream and visualize being there, so as long, it makes you feel happy
about yourself. The peace, excitement and the kindness those places offer is what makes us happy.

4. Know that there are things you can’t help or control, except for your thoughts. Do not attach yourself to
what cannot be given to you; it is only you who can give yourself happiness. Brim your thoughts with
positivity; avoid sadists as they are infectious. Visualizeand create that avenue of happiness in your mind as
you see it fit in reality. Many things are linked to psychology, but here the point is happiness. If you control
your thoughts you will be happy.

5. Always have an excitement like that one of a toddler. Have you ever taken a close look on how they
usually get excited on things that to others may seem nonsensical? Is your life too serious nowadays? It is
time that you mimicked that small toddler and what they do. Laugh at things and get silly for it too. Let go
off everything for once and have some fun!

Watch out for the other tips on happiness next week.

By: JAMES KIMONDIO, a graphic communication & advertising student, Moi University.



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