We are never sure of what we can do. Some things seem impossible or awkward when we think of them. We do not
even think about them because the thought of fathoming them gives you the shrieks. Imagine shouting and screaming all along the academic highway, in your senses, can you? I don’t think so. Naturally, most people are public phobic. That’s why public speaking isn’t good to many, that’s why you’ll observe decency from many in a public setting, that’s why a reserved posture is maintained by almost all people when in public. People don’t go to school to learn this, it’s just within the genes of what is normal….unless one is a lunatic.

Well, tampering with this order or tilting its direction even for one centimeter makes you a very different person.
Many factors can bring about this, but legend and its relatives will give you a chance to laugh at your own
drama. Stop wondering what’s wrong with me, I know it’s not yet Friday. Legend makes you this daring person that you have never been, this public speaker that knows everything, this dancer from las Vegas, legend makes it a grammar day for you(all vocabulary in store is poured for all to hear), legend gives you a walking style you can never do without it. It’s what makes others fighters in their own imagination, legends makes anywhere a bed, that’s why in the morning you won’t be surprised seeing someone waking up outside a pub. To others, legend and its sisters and brothers make a Friday Ideal.

Lastly, legend and its relatives can make you ‘blind’. Blind in the sense that you see but you do not see. Is it
the brain that is lazy to record what the eyes have seen in the memory, or the eyes are lazy to notify the brain
what they have seen? This I have never known for sure.

By: HAZEL JELANG`AT, a communication & journalism student, Moi University.


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