So the Men Doomsday is finally around the corner and now, all over the world there is a scramble and haste to snatch any red lingerie that can be found around lest one be left without a uniform! I hear that some men have been given final chances to prove their love or else they be left crying and chewing stones……. (Sighs) Come to think of it, red is a color of war, red is a color blood, red is a color of danger and now, ironically, red is a color of love! Does that make you see the masquerade of love on valentine? If the poor man valentine, died for his love, its more humane and logical that come 14th of February all the people should dress in soot black attires, wear long faces and gather in public squares to moan the death of valentine not dress in bloody red attires and continue being perfect
paragons of danger, insecurity, war and err… err…… death!

In my community, wearing a totally red cloth will attract lightening even during the midday sun so you can imagine how many “couples” are going to die….. Come 14th, I request that all men dress in totally black clothes…. Black like midnight is what I mean and we all moan and celebrate the death of valentine! For them sake of distinction, I will wear a permanently green clothe, green kama nyasi and after singing the dirges for the unfortunate and unlucky valentine, I will lead my troop for a fishing competition at Kesses dam or wherever fish can be found! It will be a total misfortune to see somebody wearing a bloody red thing in the name of love…..

Anyway, at the moment I know that some of you are judging my sanity… well; let’s face this logic, how many relationships are going to break come tomorrow? How many men and women are going to be left crying and gnashing their teeth? How many pockets are going to be milked dry? How many men and women are going to abscond their children, deny them food and attention in the name of valentine? Is that not death? Is that not war? Is that not bloody blood?
Its only fishing that can create a smile during ‘valentine’ ……….

 I believe that I still have your attention and even though some of you are assuming that am a bitter ranting man, am just trying to face the reality valentine is all about death not love! Let me ask you, why do
people who die for love get so much attention? If a man commits suicide because of love, it becomes breaking news why? Why dedicate a single day in a year to wear witch like items in the name of love….?

 Love should be shown every day, every minute and every hour…..

But for Valentine’s Day HELL NO! I better go fishing.

By: HILLARY OJIAMBO, a communication & journalism student, Moi University.


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