It was a state of confusion under an air of “bado mapambano” on Monday night when the residents of the Soweto based hostels finally reached the brink of their patience and in one swift motion decided to unleash their long surprised cry of agony and bitterness.

Their resilient attitude had finally resulted to them having empty stomachs.

Vowing not to settle down till their issues were dealt with, the agitated and hungry comrades.. staged a demonstration towards the administration block with the hopes of meeting their heaven send solutions and despite the biting and almost numbing cold; their empty stomachs gave them the strength to move on.

No more were they to play the cat and mouse game with the admin in regard to matters of electricity and meals……

From a distance, one would mistake them for a pack of idle hooligans searching for a cheap popularity, but no, they were in a noble mission, a mission that would see them gain a long lasting solution to the recurrent problem of electricity.

Off to the admin they matched.

With sighs of despairs and breaths of desperation, they voiced the agonies and misfortunes they have had to bear with since the legendary January 12th. Going hungry for a night or two is not a surprise for them, staying in darkness every night like squirrels was a nature they have had to bear with and the use of electronics is a theory to them.

To them, the Foundation of knowledge had become a foundation of darkness.

MUSO officials being led by their chairman were not left behind as they landed on the scene, their mouths full of honey as they assured comrades that “very soon, the problem would be solved.” With tales ranging from a 10 million transformer to short cables, they sweet talked and almost convinced the hungry, angry and frustrated comrades that very soon, the problem would be dealt with.

“Shida imekua switchboard, imeingia iko kwa store. Cables zililetwa but zingine zilikuwa fupi but zinashughulikiwa na zitafika kama sio kesho…….. nikisema na mkatae enda you do what you want but this is the reality” Mr. Geoffrey Omondi was keen to explain the problem.

The secretary general, Mr. Justin Safari was not left behind as he boldly announced, “if by the end of the week nothing is done, I will personally call for Kamukunji”

Assurances have been made and promises uttered, its time the barking dog learnt how to bite. Anyway, whether we shout, haul or cry, the admin will always have its way.


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