A letter to Mr. Geoffrey Omondi

Dear Mr. Geoffrey,
Two years down the line, I have been looking up in heaven for men with earnestness in leadership and the needs of the comrade at heart and personal interest aside. A man that would be less of an ideologist and more of a pragmatist, a man who would focus on the cries of the comrades and be ready to wipe off their tear, a man who would rather fight to his death than to see of his fellow acquaintances denied their rights. I have been waiting for such a man who would lead us across the red sea, the desert and pray for manner when the tough gets tougher. I’m sorry to say Mr. Chairman that I haven’t seen that man yet; and that’s why I have taken the stand and responsibility to lead the comrades across our red sea.

If I was the president today I would not only talk, talk and talk about the salient of issues (accommodation) but I will focus on actions and link up with the administration and particularly the accommodation department. I will not explain to them the problem and expect them to give solutions but will clearly give them the problem plus the solution. This may be searching for a reliable and merited real estate company to start the hostel renovation and construction process and looking for incentives from the government or university to fund the projects. If this
will not be possible then informing all student either pirating or missing rooms in school to do a peaceful demonstration like carrying their mattresses and sleeping two night in the administration’s compound and calling the media to take all these events. This will be the best solution and such an action will make the seriousness of our problem known to the ministry of education and the government will most probably take a massive action.

When it comes to the issue of hygiene in our hostels, then that would even be easier. I would be easier and more hygienic if the school would get rid of all the bowl toilets (hostel H) and replace them with in-ground ones         (hostel M). These toilets are more hygienic in institutions with such a high number of individuals and will be suitable and comfortable for most comrades. For such a change to happen the leaders in that position should know the right offices to go to and the right channels to fund the renovation.

Lastly if I was president, then I would focus on student integration which will in turn give life to national unity. Such
integration involves creating activities of programs that promote kenyaism rather than tribal consolidation and get rid of tribal politics in the university with a difference. With only that I would have served both my country and comrades.

Mr. President, imagine this is all I could do in one day what if I had a full academic year???

Yours sincerely, Judah


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