At times relationships can become stale and “boring”, no matter how many years you two having been together. It is worth it to work away out to revive your romance back to the bright fame it once shone. Everyone desires to love. There are many things that you can do to spice up your relationship. However, I thought it noble to share 10 such ways…and yes, we are counting down a few days towards valentine day, so this piece of gist comes in handy.

  1. Bond over a new hobby, you should both like it. Many people become great friends because of common interests. Try something new and try to excite each other. Avoid going to the same restaurant repeatedly, shift to another one and try a new menu, whether it is ethnic or local cuisine, the point is doing it together and regaining that closeness. Revive your old memories, see what you used to love but have not tried it out lately. Go together for a live concert (in this case dramas and band performances in LT3 will be of convenience). There are many things that you do depending to how best you know your partner.
  2. Liven up your sex life, spice it up, and focus on the things that make your partner happier. Well, am not saying everybody should be promiscuous, some relationships have sexual intimacy while some don’t. The point here is mutual satisfaction. People are unique, what you did with your ex might now work on your new catch. Therefore, I recommend that you understand each other. Do more foreplay, tease and laugh about it. Know each other’s anatomy and generate a sense of touch to those areas. A great sex life livens up a romantic relationship.
  3. Small things matter. Surprise each other with love notes, take her out for a tea party, wait a minute….
    take him out too. Moreover, yes, just text to say, “I love you” anytime of the day. We overlook the small things but they work like magic. The appreciation and the contentment of those little things bring you together. Sometimes I tend to think that love has connection with advertising; you have to constantly remind your lover that you love them. If you do that, your partner is able to sense your care and concern and appreciate you.
  4. Reinvent date night, at this point spontaneity is of prime importance. The focus here is to making your
    partner happy. Send exciting text messages of flattery; say you will pick her/him from her room, work, school or whichever place they are. Get some fresh beautiful flowers; of course, both you and I know this can never happen here so am talking about that romantic couple who are really into it. Working it out well will take your relationship to the next level so focus on it. Book a reservation in the restaurant that will liven up that romantic mood that you are aspiring to achieve. During the date feed each other with desert. The kind of things to talk about should be relative but not one sided.
  5. Communicate, it is essential, be specific and clear about what turns you on. Sometimes taste in a
    person changes, tell him or her why. “What the hell Kama hawezi elewa basi atembeze kiatu!” Routine
    causes boredom therefore treat each other like you have just met. Ask your partner what excites him or her. Get to know if that kiss you used to give her/him still makes them go crazy. Body language and reactions should tell here. Whatever it is try as much as possible to understand and replicate. We are likely to love people who understand us better.
  6. Flirt as if you are still teenager, in romance they say age is but just a number, whether you are in your
    budding 20 years or 50years. You remember the butterflies you felt on your stomach when you saw him/her. Send sexy text messages to each other and when you are together, indulge on a conversation with double meanings-“those shoes are amazing, speaking of amazing I know something that is too”. Complement each other often, “everyone needs a compliment”- Abraham Lincoln.
  7. Talk about your future together- you can always envisions the things that you wish to have in the future
    together. Is it that lovely house at the hill? , just create something that you wish to have together in the future.
  8. Plan an exciting weekend away-consider it as a get away from the busy schedule and routine each day.
    Romance can be as easy as change of scenery and getting away from routine. You should not be interrupted by anything whether TV, cell phones, I pads or laptop.
  9. Have spontaneous sex more often, you should make it as interesting as possible and you should focus on the positions that you have not tried.
  10. Surprise your partner regularly, bringing her fresh beautiful flowers and stopping unexpectedly to just tell them how special they are… Focusing on those easy tricks can have your romantic
    relationship in the right truck.




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