Among various rites of passage in a human’s life, initiation into adulthood seem to be valued by most people across different cultures. Young
people aspiring to be adults will do whatever is required of them to officially be called an adult in their society. Well maybe we are familiar to
some few ways of initiation, out there are other ways….crazy ways of initiation.
Is practiced by the Sepik river tribes in Papua, New Guinea. Elders in this tribe use razor blade to cut the young men’s body in a pattern that imitates an alligator. Thy believe……..that the alligator will then consume any semblance of a boy left in their body and they will become men
At 7years old, a boy is taken from his mother’s house and taken to a hut full of men only. Here they stay for ten years. During the ten years stay, they engage heavily in nose bleeding, forced vomiting and defecation by way of sugarcane in order to rid themselves of impurities after all these, they are men in their community.
before a Fulani girl is considered a woman in her society, she has to be tattooed on the face. This is done using a sharp piece of wood.
For Matis boys to be men, they must go for a hunt after they have had their eyes pumped with poison to improve their vision, they are bitten and whipped and finally, they must inject themselves with the giant leap frog using wooden needles which is incredibly painful.


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