Bottomline: On her worst day, Emily makes as little as nine hundred shilling and when her day goes well she makes as much as four thousands shillings.

By Ramadhan O Sigomba
Some decisions in life might seem awe-inspiring if you don’t look at things from different angles. Indeed, sometimes looks might be deceiving. Meet the lady who chose to end her internship as a student teacher at Potters House Academy and plunge into vending sausages. Arguably, most will prefer a white collar job to a hustlers way of life but it is contrapositive for Emily, she wanted to make an omelet therefore she had to break the eggs.

Emily is an incoming fourth year student pursuing education in Moi University and barely in her early twenties, she is fighting hook and crook, tooth and nail to keep within means without relying on her guardians. Unlike other sausage vendors who wait for customers at their specific selling abode, Emily goes door to door in almost every hostel in campus to inquire from fellow students if they need a bite. In response on why she chose to embark on such an exhausting  daily grind yet she was a student, she said “I thought of something that would pay me better than the Sh. 12,000 I was getting as a student teacher at Potters House Academy and this (vending sausages) seemed to be an idea.” 

Her response was no better than a surprise to me. It is most people’s pleasure to work under a pleasant environment but Emily chose to endure the scorching heat when it’s sunny and extreme cold when it’s rainy in order to make ends meets. 30th March was the day when her internship contract reached to a borderline but she declined to carry on with teaching and embarked to her current business unlike others who could sit back and lie in wait for another white collar opportunity. 

Emily’s work day schedule is not a duck soup. All the way from Eldoret town, she alights Moi University main campus by ten o’clock in the morning. Commencing from hostel A and ending by hostel H, she knocks almost each door on every floor until the fourth floor of every hostel. What motivates her is that she sells at least two sausages after every five knocks. In order to make adequate savings, she does what she hates most; ‘pirating’ in one of her ‘friends’ room in hostel K intermittently. Mention not the challenges she faces in her pursuit for bread, from the rudeness she gets from fellow comrades to the mockery and teases she receives. “It is tiresome, some comrades are not friendly as I knock and they don’t open, some are rude but at the end of the day the harvest is worth it.”

On her worst day, Emily makes as little as nine hundred shilling and when her day goes well she makes as much as four thousands shillings. Wherefore, in a month she makes more than fifty thousand shillings which is more than enough for a student, not even HELB can loan such amount of money. Optimism is what makes her overcome the hurdles she encounters in her daily business since she firmly believes that determination knows no obstacle.  

Writer: Ramadhan Omar Sigomba

Email: omarramadhan163@gmail.com

Twitter: @RamadhanOmar17      



Bottomline:Imagine with all the looks you possess you still have smelly toes, please to be girlfriend there are things I just can’t withstand.

By Oluoch Bendafton

To be girlfriend, I know you are doing good and that’s why I eye you, I also know that a good number of boys are on your heels crying to be given a chance and most importantly I know that you don’t have a man or maybe you willing to stomach me too because from our candid conversations you don’t want me out of your life.

I also want you in my life, but you are either playing hard to get or proving hard to get. From our talks you know that the only time I worked so hard for anything was way back during mealtime back in high school and I swore never to work hard.

You putting me through a challenge that I know I will overcome; the test of time. It doesn’t matter when all that matters is how long but when all this is done, they said hard work pays. I hope you know how to cook and you are not the type of girl who adds water on kales in the name of kale stew, because if it is that then tell me why am I wasting my time.

I know you are a clean girl but what I am not sure is if the odor from your armpit smells garlic. If this is so tell me now so that I can start helping as early as possible, I just don’t want my boys talk behind my back. Imagine with all the looks you possess you still have smelly toes, please to be girlfriend there are things I just can’t withstand.

I won’t lie that my love for you has no limits, but trust me when I say I will always be by your side to correct you, love you and pamper you when I want something from you. I don’t want to promise you things that even my own mother never showed me. I will give you the love a mother shows to her only son; at least I have been there.

You know I knew my boys before you so you don’t expect me to give you more attention than them. You don’t expect me to cut my links with them for you. Sports’ betting was sweet heart before you and thanks to it I get airtime to call you. 

It will not be that bumpy trust me, I like going out on weekends to listen to some good music and have splendid time so I may think of tagging  you along if only you promise not to cause a scene when another woman tries to dance with me in the event of you having two left feet.

I am also a good cook, so any time you don’t have the psyche to get dirty in the kitchen, trust me when I say I have you on that one because it is no doubt that I love my intestinal worms and I will do anything just to see them contented .

 I am a man of surprises but I like them when they are positive so don’t come to my house without notice unless you want to be the watch lady .on your birthday I will surprise you that I promise so don’t keep on reminding me anytime we start conversing.

Sorry I forgot to tell you, I will give you all the attention I can afford to pay but only when I am not playing FIFA. I will keep a copy so when we start dating I will remind you.

Yours truly,
 The writer is a public relations student


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Bottomline: Most of these new names in the political arena are not even interested in winning ethnic masses, the most conquering tool.

By Lazarus O. Nadebu

A total of eighteen presidential candidates for 2017 General Elections puts presidential candidacy as a platform FOR seeking of fame. Not all the eighteen are really pushed by the pursuit of salvaging this desperate state. Most are just motivated to place themselves at the front of recognition and promoting their status in the state. 

They will always emphasize the claim that they are aimed at improving the leadership of Kenya as a nation.

Those expected on the ballot as independent candidates as for now include Joe Nyaga, Nazlin Omar, Michael Wainaina, David Munga, Stephen Oganga, Robert Mukwana, Erastus Nyamera, Nixon Kukubah, Joseph Musyoka, Joseph Ngacha and Japheth Kavinga. Most of their seven counterparts on parties, including the incumbent president and the former prime minister, have been well known before. They include Abduba Dida (Tunza Coalition), Cyrus Jirongo(UDP), Ekuru Aukot (Thirdway Alliance Party) Kennedy Mong’are(Federal Party of Kenya), Uhuru Kenyatta(Jubilee Party) and Raila Amolo Odinga(ODM).

Presidential candidacy has built some the status before. No one had ever heard of Abduba Dida, for example, until his candidature in the 2013 General Elections. On one of recent Tv interviews with Citizen Tv’s Hussein Mohamed, for example, Mohamed Dida (a 2013 presidential candidate) claimed that he had succeeded in what he wanted in 2013 despite the fact that he was 4th in the final results. Dida confidently said the few votes he got were enough for him. For him, it’s worth proud for being able to change what the few votes had believed in before. He went on to unconsciously confirm that what he basically seeks is not always the win, just a change of some, if not all, is the most relevant objective.

All the 18 candidates also believe that the next president will be either that of Jubilee Party or NASA Coalition. Kenyan voting was shaped a long time ago. Despite this fact, candidates have remained adamant in the presidential race. They are probably hoping that Kenyans will change and not vote on geographical basis on August 8. 

Professor Kisiang’ani once said that new political aspirants will always choose parties perceived to have dominance of members of their ethnic backgrounds. For him, voters will always be critical in thinking but at the end resume the old monkey role.

Philip Murgor, when withdrawing his candidature from the race, alluded to the fact that Kenyans will always vote in a leader they are related to in a way, not on the basis of rationality. 

Most of these new names in the political arena are not even interested in winning ethnic masses, the most conquering tool. They are probably waiting for the presidential debate so that they can sell their ideologies. Perhaps their greatest goal is to win the mass viewership. They are certain that everyone will watch and know them, just like the case of Dida in 2013.

Lazarus O. Nadebu

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Bottomline: From the current and previous defections of Kalonzo’s allies, it’s now evident that his political base is weakening day after the other. 
By Domenic G. Ntoogo

It is now barely two weeks since NASA unveiled its flag bearer with the lineup having little adjustments from the one in 2013. It was an exercise that saw Raila Odinga announced flag bearer and deputized by Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka. However, after Kalonzo was awarded the position, a number of woes and misfortunes have marred his bid of becoming the second most powerful man in the country.

It is approximately a year and half after the Kalonzo Musyoka foundation was put on spot over misappropriation of donor funds. Less than two weeks ago, the NASA co-principal led organization was dealt a big blow after the NGO coordination Board froze all its accounts. This was after an alleged misuse of Sh 146 million in donor funds. The board chair also ordered the dissolution of the board members until further notice. The board also claimed that the foundation has for long been giving false information about its financial status and annual reports, annual returns and audited accounts. This action has left Kalonzo in a tag of war with the Deputy President whom he has accused of having an upper hand his miseries.

Kalonzo has also faced a huge blow after two of his key allies resigned from his Wiper Democratic Movement. Kitui Senator David Musila, who was the WIPER chair, resigned from the party after losing in the nominations to the incumbent Dr. Julius Malombe for gubernatorial seat. The senator cited frustrations in the party, he accused the party leader for determining the results. Johnstone Muthama later resigned from the party for claiming there was lack of democracy. He complained of rigged nominations and consistent dictatorship by the party leader. Muthama accused Kalonzo of imposing leaders to the Kamba nation by giving direct tickets to aspirants and abandoning their opponents for his own reasons.

From the current and previous defections of Kalonzo’s allies, it’s now evident that his political base is weakening day after the other. Kalonzo has been left as a lone runner who has no one to hold him up. Questioning the value that Kalonzo adds to NASA, it might not be long. His impact to NASA can only be compared to that of Moses Wetangula. Kalonzo should therefore come to his senses and consolidate his support if at all winning in August for NASA is a thing to go by. He should rethink of the position given to him and respect the thoughts of his fellow co-principals failure to which winning for NASA will be a mystery.


Bottom-line: They are cartels at the coast who are friends to the opposition
By Hussein Juma
The first consignment of maize arrived in the country on Friday 12th of May, 2017 from Mexico. This was to ease the skyrocketed prices of maize which had sent majority of Kenyans to look for alternative sources of food to replace Ugali, the staple food. The government had been forced to draft a supplementary budget bill which was debated, passed and assented by the President. 

Arrival of maize in the country in a track record of three days from Mexico has been marred with lots of doubts of foul play by Kenyans. Mexico however denied selling yellow maize to Kenyan Government at Ksh 10B days after the consignment docked at the port of Mombasa as 500, 000 metric tons goes missing in Brazil. The maize issue…

Several accusations have arisen because of the maize drama. National Assembly Agriculture committee has given President Uhuru Kenyatta an ultimatum up to Tuesday 16th to Sack Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Willy Bett for the mismanagement of the docket he serves. The committee inquired to know whether the law had been followed while ordering for the importation of the maize. There were claims that the maize received by the government were cartel’s.

During an interview on a comedy show, The Wicked Edition by host Dr. King’ori, Embakasi South MP Ishrad Sumra blamed cartels in the Government for engineering the high prices of the commodities in the country. The MP however failed to mention the ones involved in the process because of professional issues though he proven to be sure that it was not a natural phenomenon. These sentiments however did not satisfy the desires of Kenyans who were eager to know the team engineers of their suffering. 

Devolution CS Mwangi Kiunjuri has launched an attack on the opposition for the high prices of commodities in the country. He criticizes them for using high prices in the country as a campaign tool. “Who imports maize and sugar in the country? They are cartels at the coast who are friends to the opposition. So they stop blackmailing the president because those cartels are responsible for controlling the prices “said CS. This however just tossed the blame on the other side of the alternative government yet the real perpetrators were not revealed. 

Hon Aisha Jumwa took it to her Facebook page and wrote “Aden Duale owns Hater Ltd that imports sugar from Somalia at KSh. 60 per Kg and sells it at 250 per kg, Ruto owns the Sighn Don Ltd maize processing company, he buys maize from farmers at KSh. 58 per 2kg and process it to sell it at 170 per 2kg and Uhuru Kenyatta and his family owns the Brookside milk processing company. They buy milk from farmers at KSh.16.50 per litre and sell it atKSh.150 per 20g.”  Maybe these are some new figures which just landed from Mars yesterday. Many Kenyans would wish to know where farmers sell maize at KSh.58 per 2Kg maybe they could flood the places. Truth or false, it’s held by her; and time will tell. 

There is need to have leaders who face the bull by its horns whenever a crisis erupts. It saves on time and to find a solution. It is not surprising that both fear and failure begin with letter ‘F’ and all words in fear are found in failure. This is how closely they are related.  

Writer Hussein Juma 

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